Entry Requirements
Entry Requirements

Submissions and supporting documents should be written in English. Participating brands have the option of making the submission either in soft copy or hard copy, unless otherwise stated.

The submission should include the following:

  a.   A copy of a duly completed and signed Participation Form
  b.   BizFile Form (Business Profile)
  c.   A copy of each Brand Management Team Member’s business card
  d.   One copy of the submission, according to the template provided*** (based on Judging Criteria), in minimum font size 12
  e.   One complete set of Year 2015 to 2017 Audited Financial Statements*#. If the financial statement for Year 2017 has not been audited, please submit the most recent management accounts
  f.   Soft copy of the Brand logo to be used on publicity materials in two formats:
i. JPEG, high resolution, minimum 1200 x 1500 pixels, full colour, at least 300 dpi
ii. EPS / AI format, full colour
(Please indicate the primary logo to be used if there is more than one variation.)
  g.   Soft copy of the Chinese version of the Brand logo, if any. Please specify, under section 2, if the Chinese Brand logo is to be used in Chinese collaterals
  h.   Brochures, Corporate Identity Guide and any other supporting materials
  i.   Soft copy of photos/images showcasing the products and/or services of the Brand (minimum 5 pictures, JPEG, high resolution – at least 300dpi)

It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure that all information provided in the Brand’s submission and supporting documents are true and correct. All submitted documents and materials will be kept strictly confidential, for use and circulation for SPBA judging purposes only and will not be returned to participants.

The participant shall ensure the timely arrival of the Brand’s submission to the Award Secretariat. Participants will be notified via email upon receipt of submission.

* For Brands participating in SPBA - Special Merit, financial statements are not required.
# For Brands participating in SPBA - Micro Brands, management accounts are acceptable.
*** Please contact the Award Secretariat for a copy of the submission.

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